Philes & Ists

June 2018 exhibition at Positive Space Studio

The moment that you pick up an object, it no longer exists on it's own. It is now yours, something which you chose yourself, and this decision becomes an act of individualism. This body of work showcases real people, the things they collect, and how it has become part of their identity. By simple act of collecting, these collectors create a world around these unremarkable objects and they become reflections of their own life. These knick knacks are the stuff of museums, of culture, civilizations, community, and evolution; and yet it is second nature, a habit, an impulse.

 In June of 2018, I had the opportunity to have my own exhibition of my work. I had wanted to showcase what people’s interpretations of life and the different ways they work to make a place for themselves in the world. I am also fascinated by the act of giving stories and meaning to things as a way to communicate ideas. Combining my illustrative painting style and collage, I expresses the scavenged and imagined aspects of the world people create for themselves.

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Diplomacy Board Game


Shop Front illustration:
3862 to 3854 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60613

The shop owner of Bari Zaki Studio came to me to do an illustration of her shop front and a few of the shops around hers. The image was used on both the shopkeeper’s website and in advertisements in magazines and brochures. This little corner of Chicago is home to several specialty shops full of things that will make the creative in you swoon. To learn more about the shops and see this illustration in use please see: